Cachuma Mountain


By: Gabriele Rau

SC Hike with Gordon Lindberg

This time I had called the Ranger Station to make sure that the road was open. I picked up Gordon at 6:00 AM in Fullerton, we drove to Woodland Hills ride-share, but nobody was there! We met Mark, who had driven Peter’s truck to Burbank and joined us here. So the 3 of us left at 7:30 and drove to Santa Barbara. I had underestimated the driving time, in addition there was a bicycle rally on Happy Canyon Road. We arrived at the saddle at 10:00 AM, 2 ½ h from Woodland Hills. Nobody was there, only 2 horse trailers. Mark went ahead, I followed with Gordon. We took several rests, it was long for him. He was nearly giving up, when I showed him the map and the water tank marked on the map, he could see, that we were close to the saddle. I had asked Mark to go ahead, climb the peak and bring the register booklet down. Gordon and I ate lunch at the saddle, it took Mark about 40 min to climb and to come down again. We all signed in. Then Gordon and Mark left downhill, I climbed Cachuma (it is really too tough for Gordon, steep, but no poison oak, some brush and small rocks, no real problem), left the booklet in the can and came down again. Then I could walk fast downhill on the road and we all reached the car at the same time. It took Gordon and me about 1h 45’ hours to the saddle, it took me only 55 min at fast speed to go down. But the climb to the peak and down took me 40 min, too.

The weather was great all day, clear blue skies and cool. It had rained a few days before, everything was dusted off and clean, not dusty. The road is actually pretty good, we encountered one Forest Service Volunteer driving up for maintenance on the downhill. We left shortly before 3 PM, Mark and I had a Tasty Burger in Agoura(?), we dropped off Gordon at 7:00 PM in Fullerton and were home (after buying gas) about 7:45 PM.

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