Harrison Mountain


By: Gabriele Rau

The trailhead is 2 miles farther then City Creek Ranger Station. No problems, we climbed the berms (from the pass-thru in the fence stay slightly to the right) and found the steep firebreak/trail going up. I set out ducks and a streamer. The old trail goes up slightly to the left of the steep break, but it is very undefined, easy to get lost. The steep firebreak meets the trail after 100 yards. Follow this steep trail. Later on it gets better. I clipped some of the brush, but the trail is in fair condition. At a saddle a visible trail leads uphill straight ahead. DO NOT TAKE IT! There is a large duck at this place. Turn right, downhill. The firebreak we hiked down the last time is now overgrown with weeds. At the bottom again streamer, then duck and streamer where the firebreak goes uphill to the left. Lots of Poodle Dog! This firebreak leads up, to the left of the rocks mentioned in the write-up. Views are good! It took us 2.5 hours to get up, less than 2 h to come down. Weather was beautiful, this is a winter peak!

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