Harrison Mountain


By: Gabriele Rau

Sierra Club Orange County Wednesday Hike

Andy Beal and Jack Adsit Leaders

Follow write-up to the trailhead, Manzanita Flats. The Forest Road (closed then) goes to the left. Hike through a barbed-wire fence (there is a narrow walk-thru opening) and toward some trees (perpendicular to the main road), there are 2 steep berms leading to a group of trees. (This is slightly right to the parking area). There is a trail starting there, no signs at all. Follow the steep trail through the brush, fairly open then. After about a mile the trail ends in a pile of brush. Climb over the brush, then you are on a firebreak. The brush was pushed there by the bulldozer. Follow the fire break, also steep at times. At one point the firebreak takes a right angle right turn. Do NOT follow the visible trail ahead, it ends in the brush. Take the right turn at the firebreak downhill, about 300 yards farther take the left firebreak steeply uphill. Follow this one to the top. There is a larger round area, helicopter landing would be possible. At he far end of this, before a drop-off, there is a large rock on the right side. Thatís where we placed the can. The peak visible farther away is another high point, but lower than this peak and we count this peak. It took us 2 hours up, 1 1/2 h down. Not a particular beautiful peak, little shade, mostly burned brush.

There had been a fire in the fall of 1997, the firebreaks were made then to stop the fire. At this time there was no growth at all on these breaks, rather wide and poor, already with rain damage because of the El Nino (1998).

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