Jupiter Mountain


By: Gabriele Rau

We left at 7:00 AM and drove via 210 to the Valencia off-ramp of the I-5, then followed directions. Bouquet Canyon Road was only 19 miles instead of the quoted 22 miles. When we came to the saddle there were lots of cars there, more coming by the minute. As it turned out they had an off-road-rally for Michelins tires. But the rally was on the right side of the road, we parked on the left and started there. Take the left road, past a water tank and a sharp turn, then the trail to the left, which is most of the time in good condition. When we came to the first saddle we hiked straight up to the left, it is fairly open. We met another trail and followed the ridge to the peak. There is a wooden bench on the peak!! We left a can and build a cairn. The view was nil because it was foggy and we only could see a few feet. On the way back we followed the trail which is mostly washed out to the main trail (there is 1997 marked with rocks on the ground) and then again the main trail. I am not sure but maybe our little ridge was easier to climb. It took us 2 h, 1050í gain to the peak. Virginís Bower, Blue Dicks, Larkspur, Indian Paintbrushes were blooming, the chaparral was very thick.

We drove on the San Andreas Fault Road, which had beautiful views of blooming flowers, Poppies, Owls Clover, Lupine, we were surprised. Whole mountainsides were orange with poppies.

We drove to Gorman, because we wanted to climb go to Alamo Mtn (HPS), but after driving 12 miles through the OHV area the road was closed at Piru Creek (gate) and the creek was a wild stream. No sign ahead of this closure! We gave up this idea, but we both got a Lower Peak.

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