Potato Mountain


By: Gabriele Rau

Sierra Club LPC Hike

Gabriele Rau, Gordon Lindberg Leaders

I made a mistake by not scouting out the route. The old Padua Hills Theater is gone. We started at the Claremont Hills Wilderness Park. Go straight on Mills Ave, do not turn right on the Mt. Baldy road. There is a graveled parking lot and an outhouse. No fees. The hike starts on the road, we had a couple small creek crossing after El Nino, they should be dry most of the time. Keep right, up to a Watertank on the right side of the road, keep right again. Then a gradual uphill on this road. There are bikers on this road, no cars, because it is in poor condition. The beginning of the hike is quite beautiful in a canyon with a creek running (Poison oak!). Then it is through chaparral, constantly uphill, a few up’s and down’s, but in the open, no shade. There is another road going off to the right, marked ‘private property’. Stay left on the main road. After a short downhill you see a steep firebreak going up to Potato Mountain, but one can stay on the road (left) which also leads to the top or take the firebreak. On the peak is a cement water tank, good to sit on, but not much else. We had good views to snow covered mountains. It was cool, somewhat cloudy. It took us 4 1/2 hours hiking, with breaks. We figured the distance is 4 m o/w or 8 m RT with 1700 gain, a good hike. Don’t attempt in the summer months!! Bob is changing the write-up for the Lower Peaks Section. Gordon made it, but Bob didn’t.

It is much easier to climb this peak via Eevy Canyon.

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