ftp://angeles.sierraclub.org/chapters/angeles/lodges/Harwood/tree.gifHarwood Lodge was built in 1930 as a memorial to Aurelia S. Harwood, past president of the Sierra Club and Angeles Chapter leader. The lodge stands today as a place to get away from the city and enjoy the solitude of clear mountain air and blue skies.  Pictures from the past.



Operation and Responsibility

The lodge is available for use by all members of the Sierra Club who may bring 2 non-member guests. On open weekends, the Overseer reserves the right to limit the number of members and guests to 50 persons on a first come, first served basis. Overseer is in complete charge of the building, utilities and fireplace. Harwood is operated on a share-the-work basis and those staying at the lodge are asked to share in clean-up duties.

ftp://angeles.sierraclub.org/chapters/angeles/lodges/Harwood/tree.gifOpen Weekends

Open weekends are available to members & their guests from 10 am Saturday to 3 pm Sunday. Participants must bring their own food, sleeping bags and personal items.  Click here for the outings calendar.  Allow the calendar to load (takes a while), then click the column "Sponsor"... it will put the column in alphabetical order and then scroll down to find "Angeles Chapter Harwood".  There will be a listing of open weekends and other Harwood sponsored events.  Roll your cursor over an activity name for a short description; click an activity name to get specifics.


The lodge is operated with a qualified Overseer on open weekends and for scheduled events. Check the Schedule for open weekends and group event dates.  Become a Harwood Lodge Overseer.


Fees are collected by the Overseer on open weekends and Sierra Club members should be prepared to show their membership card. Fees are the only money available for the lodge.

Fee Schedule

Part Day


Member and family 12 and over

ea $5.00

ea $15.00

Guest and family 12 and over

ea $7.00

ea $20.00

All children under 12

ea $3.00

ea $5.00


There is a fully equipped kitchen, dormitory sleeping facilities and restrooms with showers. Visitors must furnish their own sleeping bag or bedding and other personal items.

ftp://angeles.sierraclub.org/chapters/angeles/lodges/Harwood/tree.gifGarbage and Waste

Garbage and trash must be taken down the hill by those using the lodge.

ftp://angeles.sierraclub.org/chapters/angeles/lodges/Harwood/tree.gifGroup Reservations

The group outings leader must contact the lodge Scheduler well in advance to reserve a date before submitting the event for publication in the Schedule of Activities. Minimum fee of $100 due for reserved weekend or late cancellation. Lodge will not be opened on Friday night unless a minimum of $50 is guaranteed in fees. Maximum attendance at party weekends is limited to 70. To attend a scheduled party, please make your reservation with the scheduler shown in the Schedule.


Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere in the lodge or front porch. No pets allowed. On open weekends, no noise producing equipment (radios, TVs, cassette/CD players, musical instruments, etc) are allowed unless agreed by all present or as noted in the Schedule.


Everyone shares chores to clean-up the lodge for the next weekend. Work parties are held 3 times a year in April, July and October when general maintenance is performed.  



Graeme Whitaker


Russ Hansen

Vice Chair

Monalisa Ward

Secretary/ Treasurer


Elizabeth Ward



Steve McLaughlin

Work Parties

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