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The Harbor Vision Task Force (or Harbour Vision Task Force if you'd rather), concerns itself with environmental problems associated with our ports and harbors and the shipping corridors that service them, including railyards, warehouse districts, inland ports, trucking routees and sea lanes. We are concerned with air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, noise pollutions,sediment pollution, visual blight, urban blight, habitat destruction, habitat restoration, environmental justice, global warming, invasive species, maximum ship sizes and draft, hazardous cargos, diesel particulate pollution, abuse of labor (truckers), excessive demands for shipping and domestic job loss, traffic congestion, infrastructure loading, urban sprawl, port sprawl, "planned" blight, runoff water generated by roadway infrastructure used to support shipping, increases in childhood asthma, oil subsidies, oil exploration grants, energy or oil depeltion allowances, corporate tax structures that favor increased driving and shipping demand and pollution, methyl hydrates. We are interested in promoting a vision for more efficient land use, more efficent infrastructure use, electrified power from derived from solar or renewable sources, improved logistics and habitat restoration. We hope one day that San Pedro Bay can be the site of substantial wetland habitat restoration.

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