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32L Sheephead Mountain

Location: San Diego County, California

Name is derived from local tradition. This spot was once known locally as The Sheephead. San Diego historian John Fleming, recalls this name was used because of the similarity of the summit rocks to ram's homs when seen at a distance of about five miles from the South or Southwest.

The reference to sheep could have been given equally for the domestic herds that once grazed in the vicinity or for the Mountain Sheep that could then be found nearby.

The name could have been given by an early prospector, or perhaps a wandering wrangler from the old Crouch Ranch-1.5 miles north.

The name was first printed by the USFS to identify a rustic hunter's campground established along Kitchen Creek (1924).

This general area was once more densely forested and many high points were referenced for orientation-this changed after a disastrous blaze transformed this area to its present low shrubby condition (1970).

Called "Sheepshead Mtn" on original HPS Peak List.

Name first appears on USFS Cleveland National Forest (Descanso District) map (1926).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List.

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