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32E Cuyamaca Peak (LO)

Location: San Diego County, California

The peak was originally named "Poo-k-sqwee" or "crooked neck". Renamed after a Diegueño Indian word (kwe-ah-mac) meaning "rain from above", or "rain from behind", or "place beyond rain". Its spelling and pronunciation also varied. Mission diseños cite area as "Sierra de Cuyamat" after Indian rancheia ca 1870's. Later spelled Cuyamac, Kyamanc, Quiamac, and Queermack.

In 1845 Rancho Cuyamaca was granted to Agustín Olvera, later a Los Angeles judge and County Supervisor for whom the historic street (restored 1930) is named. Gold was discovered after Olvera sold the property.

The property changed hands many times before the last owner Ralph Dyar sold it for half its value, and created Rancho Cuyamaca State Park (1933).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List. Weldon Heald climbed this peak in 1940.

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