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28P Sam Fink Peak

Location: Riverside County, California

Peak 7339' is not named on the USGS or USFS maps. In 1999 the Hundred Peaks Section named this peak for R. S. (Sam) Fink, one of the original players of the hundred peaks "game" in the 1940's. Sam Fink was the second person (after Weldon Heald) to climb 100 peaks in southern California. He was the first to complete the HPS List, and was the first to complete it a second time. From the late 1960's until the mid 1970's Sam cleared a route from Red Tahquitz south over South Peak to Antsell Rock, known as the Sam Fink Trail. Today, the Pacific Crest Trail follows much of this route.

The Hundred Peaks Section's highest award, given annually, according to Section Bylaws -- made in recognition of distinguished overall service to the Section -- is named for Sam Fink.

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