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28O Ken Point

Location: San Bernardino County, California

Name informally given by the HPS, based on a benchmark named "Ken" (1941). Such names may be given for almost any reason (irony and whimsy abound) since they need not follow the same guidelines as those required for the official acceptance of a new peak name.

In this case, "Ken" was almost certainly derived from the infamous Kenworthy Mine which once existed, 2.3 air miles to the northwest. This was a "mine" in name only, and it not only never paid off but was one of the great frauds of its age--ruining many of its gullible British backers.

The USFS established Kenworthy Guard Station on the north end of Pine Meadow 4.1 air miles west-northwest of the point (1922).

Peak appears with elevation noted, but without a name or benchmark on the current USGS Butterfly Peak quad (1981), named benchmark (with wrong elevation of 6464') appears only on USGS 15' Idyllwild quad (1959).

Presently a use-name only.

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1991.

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