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26A Eureka Peak

Location: Riverside County, California

Name informally given for a USGS benchmark named "Eureka", derived from the nearby "Eureka Mine".

The California State motto Eureka (ca. 1880)--means in Greek "I have found it", and is usually attributed to Archimedes (ca. 287-212 Bc). Gudde notes that its use as a place name apparently originated in California, with some 40 similarly named features found here.

Called. "Eureka Peak" (HPS Peak Lists 1964-65).

Bob Cates in his Joshua Tree National Monument describes the view here as one of the finest", and even today some old-timers still feel it worthy of readmission (without a 4x4, it can be an enjoyable 2.5 mile round-trip], it was delisted from the HPS Peak List after being called "an insignificant summit" and a "26 mile drive-up" (1971).

Name (Eureka Mountain) first appears on USGS Joshua Tree quad (1955).

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1962.

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