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25E Wilshire Mountain

Location: San Bernardino County, California

Named for Joseph E. Wilshire (ca.1858-1920), who made the Oak Glen area a famous apple growing area. Earlier he had been in the cattle and dairy business, but realized the suitability of this area for apples (he preferred Rome Beauties), and began buying land here with brothers George, Henry and Edward (1876). Wilshire planted several thousand apple trees and some cherry trees too. He engaged in other related activities and was active in community affairs.

The more well known use of the name Wilshire (commonly supposed to be a corruption of the English Wiltshire), was not named for Joseph, but for the founder of Fullerton, entrepreneur (and Fabian Socialist) H. Gaylord Wilshire (1861-1927), who began the mighty Boulevard (he named for himself) through a tract he tried to develop in west Los Angeles (1895).

Variant name for the Mountain: Wilshire Peak (USFS 1960).

Name is presently a use-name only.

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1959.

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