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19G Strawberry Peak #2

Location: San Bernardino County, California

Named after the "Strawberry Sawmill" that area pioneer William Van Slyke (ca. 1875) built near here. Name was derived from Strawberry Creek, which originates near this summit, and where wild strawberries could once be found. There is also a Strawberry Valley.

Lookout: Calif. Dept of Parks and Recreation R1 14' by 14' wood cab, with K-B 30' umber tower (1933), abandoned (1988).

Delisted from HPS Peak List when in addition to local development, a heliport and a radio facility made access both too easy and unworthy (1969).

Name first appears on Wheeler Survey Atlas Sheet 73 (1878).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List. Weldon Heald climbed this peak in 1941.

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