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14K Kratka Ridge

Location: Los Angeles County, California

Named in 1925 by USFS surveyor Donald McLain, after Iowa natives George H. and Walter E. Kratka of Pasadena. McLain said they "loved these mountains", and he once camped overnight with them on this ridge. Nothing more is known of the family other than that these brothers lived with or near Sophia A., Florence H., and Alice R. Kratka. Walter is listed in the Pasadena Directory to 1923, and George to 1926. Alice was a Registered Nurse and Social Worker who was honored by the Women's Civic League (1950), and voted "Altadena Outstanding Citizen of the Year" (1979) for her long and charitable volunteer work on behalf of the Tuberculosis Association. Robinson's notes on McLain specifically cite that there was a third brother (Sophia is listed as a "widow Wm"), but no record of him has so far been discovered.

Name first appears on Angeles National Forest map (1931).

Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1980.

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