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13K Goodykoontz Peak

Author: Byron Prinzmetal

Location: Los Angeles County, California

This peak was named after Frank Goodykoontz who was the first HPS leader to lead the entire list four complete times. He also completed the list nine times. Frank did all of this in a mere 14 years. Frank's 100th peak emblem was on Chalk Peak in November 1974 and his first 100 peak leads was in the same year to Pacifico. His 4th time leading the list was on Crafts in January 1999. In 1986 he received the John Backus Service Award, 1988 the Chapter's Outings Service award, and in 1999 he received a special HPS Leadership service award which had never been given in the past. Also, the 1999 entire HPS banquet was dedicated to Frank.

Peak was proposed to be added to the HPS Peak List in 2002 and added in 2004

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