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13B Mount Akawie

Location: Los Angeles County, California

Renamed in 1990 by the HPS after Richard L. Akawie (1925-89), Chemist, Six time List Finisher, Angeles Chapter Activity Schedule Editor (1966-89), Phil Bernays Award (1976,1988), Oliver Kehrlein Award (1984), and committed conservationist. This was his favorite peak. A Memorial Grove was planted with Jeffrey Pines near the summit by the HPS (1990).

Earlier names include: an unknown Shoshone name for a summer rancheria, "Buckhorn Mountain" (1946 list), then "Buckhorn Peak" (1956 List) after the Newcomb Brothers name for adjacent Buckhom flats where they once found a very large set of buck horns nailed to a tree. This peak was also once known as "Pine Mountain #3.

Mount Akawie is an HPS use-name.

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List.

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