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8D Mount McDill

Location: Los Angeles County, California

Name is of uncertain origin, but most likely for an area resident (ca. 1920). Many sources suggest that it was originally named Stoneman's Mountain for George Stoneman, one of Wheeler's assistants when they were surveying Soledad Canyon (1878). Stoneman (1822-94) had been a member of the Mormon Battalion, and would later be a Cavalry officer in the Civil War, and then Governor of California (1883-87). This is one of only a few named peaks to appear on the first Survey map of this area. It is most notable for the fact that it was the first local peak known to have been climbed by any American survey team. It is curious that under these circumstances, this name did not survive.

This is the high point of the Sierra Pelona Mountains, of the Transverse Range.

Delisted from HPS Peak List when it became a private shooting range and safe access was considered to be too difficult (1973).

Name first appears on USGS Red Rover quad (1931).

Peak was on the original 1946 HPS Peak List.

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