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The Register Box

By: Mark Allen

This is the opening page of the well-hidden register on Pacifico. Frank Goodykoontz and David Eisenberg became the second and third persons to lead the entire HPS List on this peak on August 29, 1992. Several pages of names follow the first page.

Missing and Deficient Registers

8A Liebre Mountain deficient November 2009
9C Condor Peak missing April 2009
9D Fox Mountain #2 missing April 2009
9E Mount Lukens missing March 2008
12C San Gabriel Peak missing 2011
13B Mount Akawie deficient April 2010
14D South Mount Hawkins missing December 2010
21G Bertha Peak missing November 2010
25A Allen Peak deficient April 2008
27B Indian Mountain missing August 2010
29D Thomas Mountain missing August 2010

If you are climbing any of the above peaks, please consider bringing a new register can and book. If you discover a peak which needs a new register can, please let me know by mail addressed to Mark S. Allen, 11381 Foster Rd., Los Alamitos, CA 90720, or telephone (562) 598-0329 or e-mail at Also, please advise if you have replaced any of the missing or deficient registers or discover that any of the above reports are erroneous or out of date.

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