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Mineral Mountain


Location: San Bernardino County, about 10 miles east of Big Bear City, 120 miles from Los Angeles


Auto Club: Los Angeles and Vicinity, San Bernardino Mountain Area
Forest Service: San Bernardino National Forest
USGS Topo: Rattlesnake Canyon 7½, Big Bear City 7½, Onyx Peak 7½
HPS: Route(s), waypoints and explanation of usage

Nearby Peaks: Tip Top Mountain, Granite Peaks, Black Mountain #4

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(USFS Adventure Pass required)
Distance: 1.2 miles round trip cross-country
Gain: 300'
Time: 1 hour round trip
Rating: Class 1, easy
Navigation: Easy

Original: Warren E. von Pertz and John Backus, December 1974


  • From Big Bear City, drive northeast on SR 18 about 6 miles to 3N03 (dirt) on the right. Turn right. High clearance recommended on for all dirt roads in this area. Note your odometer and go as follows:
  • At 1.3 miles, fork 3N07Y to the right. Keep straight.
  • At 3.3 miles and 3.6 miles, forks on the left to Smarts Ranch. Keep straight.
  • At 5.0 miles, you cross Arrastre Creek.
  • At 5.1 miles, fork. Go left.
  • At 5.2 miles, fork. This is the turnoff for Granite Peaks. Keep straight.
  • At 7.4 miles, fork in a saddle with 2N02 on the right. Keep straight.
  • At 7.7 miles, fork with 2N90 on the left. This is the turnoff for Tip Top Mountain. Keep straight.
  • At 9.3 miles, a clearing below the road on the right. Park here.


  • From the parking area (6800'), hike east up along the slope of a ridge, passing some gullies and mine prospects, and coming into the saddle west-northwest of the peak.
  • Turn right and continue along the ridge over a minor bump to the summit. The summit is not visible from the parking area.


The dirt roads are seasonal.

Mineral Mountain is in the Bighorn Mountain Wilderness Area, but at this time a permit is not required.

The peak can be hiked from Tip Top Mountain (see current HPS map).

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Published 16-June-2011
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