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Fox Mountain #2


Location: Los Angeles County, about 7 miles north of La Cañada-Flintridge, 53 miles from Los Angeles


Auto Club: Los Angeles and Vicinity
Forest Service: Angeles National Forest
USGS Topo: Acton 7½, Condor Peak 7½
HPS: Route(s), waypoints and explanation of usage (Older version)

Nearby Peaks: Mount Gleason, Iron Mountain #2, Condor Peak

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(USFS Adventure Pass required)
Distance: 12+ miles round trip on road and trail
Gain: 3400' total, 1500' out plus 2100' on return
Time: 6-7 hours round trip
Rating: Class 1, strenuous

Original: Dick Akawie, February 1968


  • Drive north on Angeles Crest Highway (SR 2) for 9.5 miles to its junction with Angeles Forest Highway (N3). Turn left.
  • Drive north on Angeles Forest Highway 14.2 miles to Mill Creek Summit. Turn left on Mount Gleason Road (3N17). Note your odometer and go as follows:
  • At 6.2 miles, a fork, where the paved road goes into a detention center. Take the left fork (dirt) around the detention center.
  • At 8.8 miles, a gated paved road goes right (north) just past a microwave tower. This is the parking spot for Mount Gleason. Keep left.
  • At 9.3 miles, fork. Turn left.
  • At 9.5 miles, fork at Lightning Point Campground (shown on topo as "Mt. Gleason Campground"). Turn right.
  • Continue downhill about 1.6 miles to a locked gate at a saddle. This saddle is just northeast of bump 5846'.


  • From the parking area (5700'), pass the gate and hike west 1 1/2 miles to Indian Ben Saddle. Two trails leave the road at this point marked by signs.
  • Continue west on the road 1/4 mile to a where the road forks.
  • Keep left and follow the road down to a second fork near a water tank.
  • Take the right fork and follow it, as it becomes a trail, down to a saddle at the junction with the Trail Canyon Trail.
  • Keep straight here on the Condor Peak Trail and follow it about a mile to the saddle east of Condor Peak.
  • From here go southeast along the ridge fire road for 1.2 miles to a saddle just west of Fox Mountain #2.
  • Then climb 0.3 mile and 400' gain up a use trail to the summit.

Note: Iron, Condor and Fox as a single hike is 14+ miles and about 4200' gain

Printable version of this route


(USFS Adventure Pass required)
Distance: 14 miles round trip on road and trail
Gain: 3000'
Time: 6-7 hours round trip
Rating: Class 1, strenuous

Original: Paul A. Lipsohn, May 1974


  • Exit I-210 at Sunland Boulevard.
  • Turn right (east) at Sunland Boulevard. This soon becomes Foothill Boulevard.
  • Drive 1.6 miles to Mt. Gleason Ave. Foothill takes a turn to the right at this point. Turn left onto Mt. Gleason Ave.
  • Drive 1.4 miles to Big Tujunga Canyon Road. Turn right.
  • Drive 7 miles to mile marker 5.82. This is the beginning of the Condor Trail. Park off the pavement.

Note: At mile marker 4.50, there is a use trail that shortcuts to the Condor Trail. It is well maintained and saves about 2 miles round trip on the hike.


  • Hike up the trail (13W057) to the saddle just north of Fox Mountain #2.
  • Then turn right (south) go up a use trail to the summit.

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Published 7-March-2006
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