Winston Peak, Mount Akawie, Waterman Mountain

26 July 1997

By: Southern Courtney

Three Peaks to the Rendezvous

Leaders: Southern Courtney, Richard Scharnberg

The "Trust Leader To Find The Rendezvous" hike all went as planned except for arriving tardily.

We began our jaunt at the large pull-out some 2 miles and 900 feet below Cloudburst summit. The climb to Cloudburst proved a fine warm-up for the bagging of Winston Peak followed by Akawie Peak. Our pathfinder route up the last 1000+ feet to the rendezvous was a mix of use trails, some dirt road, a steep twisting gully of rock and scree, and ski runs. We arrived about 1:20 PM instead of the planned for 12:30 to 12:45 PM. This was no problem as there was still plenty of food for Jerry K. and me and the 16 other good-natured hikers who graced my group.

After eating, resting and conversing with old and new hiking companions and posing for pictures it was time to quit our rendezvous.

For us the return was a quick descent of cross country and use trail along Waterman's west ridge. After descending the ridge for a mile or more, I turned the group westward for a rapid trip down ruts of old logging roads, aged firebreaks, and shadows of use trails which ended at the cars. A fun hike and rendezvous but what to do next year!

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