Waterman Mountain

27 July 1996

By: Joe Young

Leaders: Ruth Dobos, Frank Dobos, Bobcat Thompson, David Eisenberg, Jim Fleming, Bob Freed, Southern Courtney, Stag Brown, Joe Young

Ninety (90) hikers signed in on four different hikes today. Together with a few stragglers and individual hikers, over 100 hikers arrived at the summit of Mt Waterman between noon and 1 pm. Frank Goodykoontz and Diane Dunbar were scheduled to lead a fifth hike, but they had no takers and decided to join Bobcat's and Stag's hike.

A few dark clouds kept the humidity up but the temperature down, and this provided some relief from recent hot weather in Los Angeles. However, the only rain encountered amounted to a few drops striking windshields as we drove back to La Cañada after the hike.

A variety of options was available today. Jim Fleming's hike of Twin Peaks & Waterman was the hardest, and met quite early. Southern Courtney's hike began with a warm-up climb of Winston Peak, then ascended Waterman via steep slope from Cloudburst Summit. Bobcat's climb also scaled the slope from Cloudburst, but did not include a warm-up hike. Frank Dobos led his hike via the trail from the Angeles Crest Highway which begins 0.4 mile east of the Waterman ski lift. By the way, the ski lift was operating and, for $5, much of the gain and loss on foot could have been eliminated!

This outing produced one achievement: Cathy Reynolds recorded her 100th peak on the Hundred Peaks Section List. Congratulations!

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