Lizard Head, Heald Peak, Nicolls Peak

4 July 1992

By: Ruth Lee Dobos

On the weekend of the 4th of July, Frank Dobos finished the HPS list for the 3rd time

On the 3rd of July, Frank and Ruth hiked Lizard Head. This was our third attempt to get this peak! The first time, the gate was locked - even though we were told the road was open. The second time, the Scout dropped the driveshaft, one mile before the trailhead. The third time was the charm: we climbed the peak. It was a warm day and on the way out, we stopped to bathe in the stream at the end of Dry Canyon so of course along came our friends from San Diego: the Sutors, Terri Astle, Pam Walker and others.

We drove to Lake Isabella where we climbed Heald peak from the West the next day. We started late, the day was hot, so we decided to come down without climbing Nicolls, as darkness was coming upon us.

Sunday, we climbed Nicolls from the mine and Frank finished the list again. "Never again!" he said

And poor me, as of this writing, I still have 12 peaks to go for my 2nd list finish.

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