Thorn Point (LO), San Guillermo Mountain

2 June 1990

By: Luella Fickle

Leaders: Erich & Luella Fickle

Five met at the junction of the Grade Valley and Lockwood Valley Road on a very hot June day. Wayne Norman gave us matching flashlights as a wedding gift. David Eisenberg joined us at Thorn Meadows. We had a hot hike up Thorn Point through the beautiful forest and badlands. We then caravaned back to Pine Springs Camp to climb San Guillermo. The fire made it an easy hike. The flowers were very nice. The view is improved since the brush that used to block the view had burned. All agreed that it was too hot to do Lockwood Pt.

The Pprticipants were David Eisenberg, Gordon Lindberg, Wayne Norman, Gary Murta, Erich and myself.

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