Lookout Mountain #2

13 October 1987

By: Luella Martin

Leaders: Frank Goodykoontz, Frank Long

Frankly, I had a nice day. My guided tour by Frank and Frank began at approximately 8:30AM. As I was the only show of six participants, we had all the advantages of a small group. The hike up Bear Canyon was lovely. The maples were in full autumn color. We then turned on to the old Lookout Mtn trail. The brush had been clipped recently, so our passage was easy. From the Baldy/Lookout Mtn ridge we'd get fleeting views of Ontario, Timber and Baldy when the clouds would open up for an instant, only to close up again. We arrived on the summit of Lookout for lunch in a fog. After looking at the old experiment site, we descended the trail to Cow Canyon saddle. On the way, we met a couple who had intended to join us but hadn't gotten around to calling Frank. From near Cow Canyon saddle we followed an old road bed back to Baldy Village. This loop was new to me. I enjoyed my guided tour.

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