Mount Williamson, Mount Islip

29 August 1970

By: Paul Lipsohn

Leaders: Paul Lipsohn, Bernie Petitjean

A total of thirty-eight climbers, many of them new to the Section's activities, took advantage of a pleasant summer day to ascend two of the easier Hundred Peaks. Both climbs began at Islip Saddle with lunch being enjoyed at the cars before starting up Islip.

The Williamson hike was led by Paul Lipsohn up the mountain's east slope trail to the ridge and the eventual summit. Six hikers chose to remain on top and return at their leisure later in the day.

Islip was climbed early in the afternoon by a somewhat smaller group, led by Bernie Petitjean. An easy walk to the peak via trail, road and with a stop at Little Jimmy Campground was complemented by a rapid cross country descent along the ridge. The trip down was for some their first experience off trail and was thoroughly enjoyed by all except one unfortunate who fought a brief unsuccessful battle with buckthorn. All thorn wounds (superficial) were properly treated, refreshments enjoyed at the cars and an early start home achieved to finish off a very pleasant outing in the local mountains.

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