Chief Peak, Reyes Peak

4 April 1970

By: Paul Lipsohn

Leaders: Paul Lipsohn, Ray Redheffer

Rush hour traffic on once rural Rose Valley Road greeted our 24 peak-baggers as we assembled to climb Chief Peak. A leisurely pace under flawless skies put our group on the peak for an early lunch and some bouldering by the more adventurous. An otherwise uneventful pitch increased by two classes for the leader upon discovering that a nice hand hold contained a swarm of bees.

Upon returning to the cars, most of the group elected to continue to Reyes Peak, with several returning to Los Angeles via Ojai. A long caravan to Pine Mountain Summit brought us to the Reyes Peak road. This road used to be in really terrible condition, but has now deteriorated considerably. Our short but pleasant hike to the peak was punctuated by frequent snowballs from the younger members (and a few from older folks).

Returning via Lockwood Valley Road, 14 survivors were warmly greeted at Lake of the Woods Cafe and enjoyed delicious food and refreshments.

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