Old Man Mountain, Monte Arido

16-17 December 1967

By: Warren von Pertz

Leader: Warren von Pertz

Three eager members of the HPS comprised the total group that climbed high on the ridge above Murrieta Saddle to establish a base camp. The night was windy and cold, but beautiful and clear, with a full moon that just wouldn't quit.

Breakfast was early, amid the splendor of a glorious sunrise, and the party was well on its way toward Monte Arido by 7:20 a.m. The route was varied with a mixture of trail and road, with recent bear tracks thrown in for added interest.

Everyone attained both summits, where they enjoyed the unusually clear visibility, which afforded a panorama large enough to include the whole HPS Peak List.

As a Sierra Club contribution to the Los Padres Forest - Trail Maintenance, the leader conducted a trail clearing exercise on a badly overgrown section connecting the road and trail saddles on Old Man Mountain.

The party's hurried return to base camp was delayed momentarily to enjoy the spectacular sunset, which afforded a backlit view of San Miguel Island. After a brief pause at base camp, to enjoy a cup of coffee while packing up, the group started the long hike out to the cars, arriving at 7:30 p.m.; thus ending a wonderful trip.

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