Mount Baden-Powell, Mount Burnham, Throop Peak, Mount Hawkins, Middle Hawkins, South Mount Hawkins

17 July 1965


    "To me, old age is always fifteen years
    older than I am." -- Bernard Baruch

That expression seems to summarize the attitude of some of our "younger-oldsters". Take for example, the following case.

On July 17, 1965, Laura Oard (Emblem #104), Les Gampp (Emblem #106), and Peter Roien (Emblem #74, earned at the age of 74 in January 1962), left Vincent Gulch for their third annual hike to Crystal Lake. In between, they signed in on Mt. Baden-Powell, unnamed peak of 9000' plus, Mt. Burnham, Throop Peak, Mt. Hawkins, Middle Mt. Hawkins, and South Mt. Hawkins. The hike started at 7:50 a.m. and was completed at 5:30 p.m. Elapsed time 9 hours 40 minutes. In 1964 the same hike took 9 hours 55 minutes and in 1963, 10 hours and 20 minutes.

As Peter says, "Like wine, we get better with age." Then he adds, "We will continue to make it an annual affair as long as we are able to do so."

To Laura, Les, and Peter -- the best wishes of all Hundred Peakers to you and may you be "able to do so" for many, many years.

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