Mt. Williamson

20 December 1964

By: Ralph Conn


When Ralph Conn and his nine-year old son Robby climbed their 25th peak, they were elated and wanted to share their experience with us.

"Rob and I climbed our 25th peak under interesting circumstances. We went up to Islip Saddle on Dec. 20th to participate in an East San Gabriel Valley climb of M.t Williamson. It was raining at the saddle and quite windy. When the leader showed up, he didn't have a poncho so because of this and the limited attendance (only 2 other people) he designated me as leader ... One of the remaining two went home, so Robby, Wally from Antelope Valley, and I slogged our way to the peak ... it sleeted all the way to the top. Rob got hit by a falling piece of ice that gashed his poncho, but didn't go any deeper. All in all it made an interesting hike."

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