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Skinner Peak


Skinner Peak is located in Kern County, about 35 miles north of Mojave, 137 miles from Los Angeles. It is in Sequoia National Forest and Kiavah Wilderness. Skinner Peak was added to the HPS Peak List in 1990. See the Summit Signature for more history and some background about the name of the peak.

Peak Guides
HPS has two documented routes to the peak. Both require a significant amount of dirt road driving, and both are mainly on the Pacific Crest Trail, one from the south, the other from the north. Route 1 is 8 miles round trip with a total of 1900' of gain. Route 2 is 5 miles round trip, 000' total gain.

Older Peak Guides (routes may no longer be legal or safe, use caution!): 1992, and Microsoft Word version from 2001.

Skinner from Black
Photo by Mars Bonfire

Maps! Lots of maps!

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Emblems earned on Skinner Peak
  • 6 May 1990 - Jim Raiford, First List Completion #154
  • 3 June 1990 - Eleanor Carter, First List Completion #156
  • 12 November 2006 - George Wysup, Explorer Emblem - 200 Peaks #1
  • 22 December 2007 - Wayne Bannister, 100 Peaks Pathfinder Emblem #45
  • 2 April 2010 - George Christiansen, 200 Peaks Bar #451

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