The San Gabriel Valley Task Force

For more information or to see how you can help, contact Joan Licari, Chair (626) 330-4229

This original oil painting was commissioned by the Sierra Club from artist
Nancy Romero to depict our vision of the future of the San Gabriel River.  
This digital
image (2000 Sierra Club) is the property of the Sierra Club.  

The San Gabriel River Campaign commissioned this painting for the purpose of communicating our vision of what the river can become. It is the Confluence Park area of Studio 606 study fame.  This image is featured prominently in our campaign literature. It was painted by Nancy Romero of North East Trees. Note the Latino representation, the (unoverwhelming) presence of the built environment that is a reality of this area, and all the wildlife and natural habitat.

The San Gabriel River is undergoing a makeover - from urban flood control project to renewed, life-supporting river. The Sierra Club's San Gabriel River Campaign is working in partnership with government agencies and elected leaders, conservancies, cities along the river as well as community groups and nonprofit conservation groups to bring this river back to life and bring open space and parks to urban residents.

The San Gabriel River is 38 miles long within the basin flood plain, 10 of which are entombed in concrete. It provides drinking water to over a million people, and once hosted a healthy population of steehead trout. The river was permanently altered in the 1930s to provide flood protection and irrigation


The San Gabriel River Campaign is active throughout all areas along the river.From setting goals for acquisition of key parcels and creating parks to planting native habitat,  from master planning the river corridor to designing "green" education centers, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in leaving the legacy of a beautiful, functioning river corridor for our children.

The goal of the Campaign is to make the river "clean and green from the mountains to the sea."Specifically, the Campaign is working to: establish a greenbelt along the river from the mountains in Azusa to the Pacific Ocean at Seal Beach; restore the river's natural functioning; set examples for conservation of water resources; and promote the cultural heritage and historic significance of the San Gabriel River, Rio Hondo, and their tributaries. The Campaign recently launched Amigos de los Rios, an outreach organization created to involve river communities in the river's transformation. Amigos has been so successful that it has now become an independent nonprofit.

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