Temple Crag


By: John Delmonte

Climbing enthusiasts from Los Angeles and San Diego back-packed up the North Fork of Big Pine Creek to the third lake. Though warm, the weather was superb and Big Pine Creek cascaded down to the valley below in a full torrent. Bob Bear appeared early on the scene and in the company of Gary Bratt scouted the peak on Saturday, ascertaining that some third class climbing was necessary enroute to Temple Crag. There were 26 making camp that night at Third Lake, including Bob Bear and Gene Vinson (co-leaders), Parker Severson, Evelyn and Gay Morrow, Horace Hobbs, John Norman, Lavonne Carlson, June Kerr, Ralph Moon, Tom and Gene Kendall, Judith, Jocelyn, James and John Delmonte, Gary Bratt, Kathryn Brucker, Lee Owings, Virginia Robertson, Dorothy Cruickshank, Adrienne Thirkel, Barbara Lilley, Jerry Galawas, Bryce Miller, Carl Jessel, and John Newberger. At daybreak next day Bob successfully led a party of about 12 to Temple Craig peak - about seven hours were required for the total trip. In the company of the neighboring Palisades, Temple Craig offered a superb view of this beautiful region and its many lakes. Those not making the climb wandered to the nearby higher lakes or went fishing.

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