2015 Sierra Club calendars are on sale!


Glen Dawson to mark a century!

By popular demand, we're offering another trip to Iceland. Here's why.

Godifoss Photo credit: Donna Specht

Come hike every peak in Griffith Park on Dec. 12

Photo credit: Sten Rüdrich/Wikimedia Commons

2015 California Legislature bill summaries Sierra Club supported

Sierra Club California policy advocates select the California Legislative bills that appear on the 2015 Score Card of the state's elected officials.

The selection is based on factors that include a bill’s overall importance to the state’s environmental quality, the precedent it sets for good or bad impacts, and the bill’s importance to fulfilling the Club’s mission.

2015 California Legilative Report Card: How green are your state representatives?

Nearly twice as many California Senators as Assembly members scored a 100% on Sierra Club California’s 2015 legislative report card. It measures how often they voted with the Club’s recommendations on a list of priority bills that would protect the environment and public health.

How green is your city? 3 things that make L.A. remarkable

For those keeping score, Los Angeles has racked up definite points in improving its green image this year. The city that by 2025 promises to be coal-free and reduce greenhouse gases by 45% has taken more strides with renewable energy sources in the last six months than some cities have done in years. Here are three programs keeping the city on its green track.

Mother Nature's sons: The Okee Dokee Brothers

Joe Mailander, right, and Justin Lansing, the Okee Dokee Brothers. Credit: Courtesy Okee Dokee Brothers

If you think the duo Okee Dokee Brothers are just for kids, think again.

Join us for the Path to Positive: Los Angeles Climate Day

Sierra Club Angeles Chapter has a long term commitment to solving the problem of climate disruption. As an endorsing organization, Sierra Club invites members and supporters to attend the upcoming Climate Resolve event:
Path to Positive: Los Angeles Climate Day
Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels Conference Center 
555 W. Temple St. Los Angeles, CA 

Chapter launches Military Outdoors activities with Mt. Baldy hikes

A peak experience with members of the Sierra Club's Military Outdoors program. Credit: Anjin Herndon


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