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Glen Dawson to mark a century!

What do you think of the Rim of the Valley Corridor plan?

Southern California currently has a patch work of national, state, county and city parks and trails that mostly didn’t exist before the 1970s. A plan has been afoot for some time to join them together to protect wildlife, open space, water supply, cultural assets and more.

Chapter's stance on California's high-speed rail project

The $68-billion high-speed rail project that would link L.A. to San Francisco in a 2.5 hour trip recently drew protests in Southern California over the planned segment between Palmdale and Burbank. But that doesn't mean that California isn't ready for a railway rather than a roadway for the growing traffic up and down the state.

Here's what Sierra Club has to say about the rail project:

Critical Mass depicts the plight of monarch butterflies through dance

In the past 20 years, the population of monarch butterflies has decreased by 90%. Herbicides like Monsanto's Roundup and genetically manipulated Roundup Ready crops have destroyed the milkweed plants monarchs rely on to eat and lay their eggs.

The key to helping the monarchs is to get them protected under the Endangered Species Act.

John Muir: A man full of wonder and joy

Bruce Hamilton, deputy executive director of the Sierra Club, was the keynote speaker at the Angeles Chapter Awards Banquet on May 3. The subject: John Muir, and his connection to us all. Here's a transcript of the speech he gave that places the Club founder in perspective.

Before Nepal's devastating quakes, Chapter members visited and brought much-needed gifts

Villagers in Nepal hold up their gifts from Angeles Chapter members: Luci Lanterns. Credit: Barry Koeb

Andrew Jones' passion for the planet drives generous bequest to Sierra Club

Andrew W. Jones on the Mt. Lowe Trail. Credit: Rachel Siegel

Awards for Chapter volunteers: Photos from the annual banquet

Sierra Club elects first African-American president

The Sierra Club's national board of directors has elected officers for the upcoming board term 2015 to 2016. Aaron Mair of Schenectady, N.Y., was elected as president. Mair, the Sierra Club’s first African-American president, has been working for environmental justice in New York for over three decades. One of Mair’s goals as president is to make diversity, equity, and inclusion real within the Sierra Club, including its grassroots.


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