Outings Management Committee

The Outings Management Committee manages all aspects of the outdoor activities program of the chapter, including training and risk management. It promotes outdoor leadership and provides support for group and section outings chairs.

Meetings are held at least three times a year on the first Monday of even-numbered months. All those involved in the outings program are invited to attend, although informing the OMC Chair of your interest in attending is recommended because some meetings are by conference call only. OMC members include the LTC, Safety and WTC Chairs, a rep from Conservation, the chapter ombudsman plus Outings Reps elected at the annual Outings Assembly.

For more information and updates, please visit the Leaders and Resources pages here: http://angeles.sierraclub.org/leadership_and_outings

Current management members can be found under "Managament"

Concerns can be addressed here: angeles-outings-ombudsman@lists.sierraclub.org

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[Rafting with the Inspiring Connections Outdoors leaders meeting, header photo by Alan Fein]