Other Committees


Bylaws and Standing Rules Committee

Chair pending 

Diversity Committee

Joe Young, Chair

Elections Committee

Joe Young, Chair

Legal Committee

Ursula Vosyilus, Chair

Nominating Committee

Chair pending 

Personnel Administration Committee

Susana Reyes, Chair
Hersh Kelley,
Mike Sappingfield

Business and Financial

Angeles Chapter Foundation

Finance and Budget Committee

Glenn Pascall, Chair
David Haake
Susan Heitman
John Lajeuness
Jane MacFarlane
Carole Mintzer
Jennifer Robinson
Donna Specht
Monica Suua
George Watland

Fundraising Committee

Chair pending

Fundraising Outings Committee

John Lajeuness, Chair
Donna Specht

Membership Committee

Donna Specht, Chair
Melody Anderson
Sandra Cattell
David Haake
Mary Morales


Communications Committee

Chair pending

Web Development Team

Ann Zumwinkle, Chair
Todd Williams
Michael Moore
Jeff Nutting
Chuck Gooley
Judy Cobb

The Southern Sierran / Schedule of Activities

Mary Forgione, Editor
Tom Politeo, Design

History and Awards

Awards Committee

Chair pending

Awards Banquet Committee

Silvia Darie, Chair

Donna Specht


History Committee

Bob Cates, Chair and Chapter Historian